Irvine HIV Life Skills Workshops in English and Spanish

At Radiant Health Centers, we are committed to delivering compassionate, value-driven LGBTQ+ social services in Orange County. Among our valuable care programs is the HIV Life Skills Workshops for people living with HIV. Getting diagnosed with HIV is a challenging experience. Yet, with the help of our targeted programs, Orange County clients can receive the support needed to adapt to changing situations and improve their health.

An Overview of HIV Life Skills Workshops

HIV Life Skills Workshops are held every Thursday from 10:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. Our programs are available in English and Spanish – Positive U in English and Viviendo Positivamente in Spanish – and alternate each week. The workshops are organized into weekly topics that offer positive educational and skill-building benefits for clients living with HIV.

The goal is to empower people to take control of their health and daily living to achieve better physical, mental and social outcomes. To meet these goals, we have developed tailored workshops that tackle specific topics relevant to people with HIV. Clients typically develop some of the following skills.

  • Self-care
  • Food preparation
  • Health management
  • Coping with anxiety
  • Personal finance
  • Securing employment
  • Becoming independent
  • Self-esteem and self-worth
  • Responsible behaviors
  • Home management skills
  • Social and professional skills

Join Us at Upcoming Workshops

Are you interested in joining us at a Life Skills Workshop? You will find the important details below. You can also check back regularly for the latest announcements about upcoming presentations.

Workshops are open to anyone HIV+ living in Orange County.

Time: Every Thursday, 10:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

Positive U English, 1st and 3rd Thursday of every month

Viviendo Positivamente Spanish, 2nd and 4th Thursday of every month

Location: 17982 Sky Park Circle, Suite J, Irvine, CA 92614

RSVP Contact: Ed Zavala – (949) 809-5781

Please RSVP as soon as possible, as space is limited to the first 10 clients. Contact Ed Zavala at (949) 809-5781 to reserve a spot.

Download the class schedule here.

July Life Skills flyer 2024.

How Workshops Help People Living With HIV

Having HIV can place a heavy burden on a person’s mental health and well-being. In turn, this stress can exacerbate existing issues, such as struggling to keep up with medication and essential nutritional requirements.

The skill-building techniques demonstrated in the classes have been developed through working with countless clients for more than three decades. Skills training will share how to navigate the health service system, manage HIV treatment and care, build self-advocacy skills, manage anger issues, cope with housing and stable employment challenges, find other Orange County HIV programs – and more.

Who Can Register for HIV Life Skills Workshops?

Workshops are available for anyone living with HIV in Orange County. Individuals can be self-referred or recommended by an existing client. There is no requirement for a person to be case-managed, and a case manager referral is not required for participation. Remember, space is limited so do contact us as soon as possible.

Common Questions About HIV Life Skills Workshops

Can life skills training help young people living with HIV?

Life skills training is vital for young people developing and moving into adulthood. We also offer youth programs through in-person and virtual group sessions providing mental health counseling, mentorship and more.

Can I ask questions about my HIV treatment in a workshop?

Workshops are focused on education and building skills to help manage health and improve quality of life. However, our medical team can respond to HIV treatment inquiries during a consultation.

Can workshops help people facing HIV stigma and discrimination?

Workshops offer various techniques for dealing with stigma, such as building self-esteem, as well as helping develop a greater understanding of the health system and an awareness of the help available.

Trusted HIV Care Programs and Social Services in Orange County

Radiant Health Centers provides LGBTQ+ health and HIV care services at our Irvine medical clinic. If you require assistance with primary care, STD testing, HIV services and social programs, contact us today. Call (949) 809-5700 for general inquiries.

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