End-of-year fundraising in Irvine

As 2022 drew to a close, Radiant Health Centers requested donations with the year-end fundraising appeal to support the expansion of our LGBTQ+ Orange County medical clinic. Our clinic relies on the generosity of our supporters to deliver dedicated, compassionate care to the local community. With our donors’ help, we can continue to improve existing services – and develop future innovations that support healthcare equity. As always, our donors went above and beyond to help us exceed our fundraising goal for the year.

The Results of Our Year-End Gift Matching Campaign

After adding up the donations from the hundreds of supporters in Orange County and further afield, we are pleased to announce that more than $120,000 has been raised. The total surpasses our fundraising goal for this year-end appeal and ensures we start the year stronger than ever.

We offer our sincere thanks to everyone who contributed – including the anonymous donor who matched the first $50,000 raised, dollar-for-dollar. Your kind support will allow us to serve more people in the Orange County LGBTQ+ community with much-needed medical and mental health services.

As we expand our services, those who feel underserved or discriminated against can now find LGBTQ+-friendly healthcare in Orange County.

How Your Donations Will Help Deliver Healthcare Equity

During 2023, the staff at Radiant Health Centers remains committed to growing our clinic and mental health programs. Our testing programs, treatment services, and preventive care efforts will help thousands of people live healthier lives.

Our primary care services include vital programs like STD testing & treatment, HIV testing & treatment, disease management, family planning, and annual checkups. In addition, we operate an accessible telehealth service and youth programs that cover trans issues, mental health concerns, and other vital areas. The year-end fundraising efforts enable significant investment into expanding these services, thus helping reach many more people within the Orange County community.

Why LGBTQ+-Focused Healthcare Services Matter

As many LGBTQ+ people recognize, there are often significant barriers to skilled, caring, and knowledgeable healthcare services. From dealing with stigma and a lack of LGBTQ+ awareness to accessing crucial HIV medication and hormone replacement therapy, many within the community feel disheartened after encounters with other healthcare professionals.

In comparison, Radiant Health Centers provides integrated LGBTQ-focused healthcare. With the help of diagnostic services, ongoing treatments and mental health programs like our LGBTQ+ counseling, we help improve physical and psychological health outcomes for an improved quality of life. And thanks to our donors’ generosity, we can continue to deliver first-class mental health services within Orange County.

Access LGBTQ+ Health and HIV Care in Orange County

Radiant Health Centers is a leading provider of HIV and STD testing, primary medical care services, counseling, and family planning in Orange County. To visit our Irvine medical clinic or access telehealth services, call (949) 809-5700 or request an appointment now.

Image Credit – Black Salmon/Shutterstock.com