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Services are open to people 12 years and older, regardless of HIV status

IRVINE, Calif. (Mar. 22, 2018) – On March 1, Radiant Health Centers expanded its mental health services to the entire LGBTQ community. The services are available to members of the LGBTQ community, at least 12 years old regardless of HIV status.

More than 12,000 LGBTQ residents in Orange County are underinsured and many live at or below the poverty level so even basic healthcare is out of reach, including mental health services.

Discrimination against LGBTQ individuals, as well as health disparities, take a terrible human toll and are associated with high rates of mental illness, substance abuse and suicide. It is also associated with a higher risk for HIV.

“The LGBTQ community faces the most discrimination in healthcare, while comprising 80 percent of Radiant Health Centers’ current client base,” said Phil Yaeger, executive director and CEO. “The only way to get to zero new HIV transmissions is to address these health inequities and expand services for the LGBTQ community.”

The expanded mental health services are the first planned added services for Radiant Health Centers to meet the need of Orange County’s LGBTQ community and get to zero new HIV transmissions.

“Rather than going away, HIV transmissions continue almost daily in Orange County with six new infections every week,” said Yaeger. “Our goal is zero.”

Radiant Health Centers accepts Medi-Cal and also offers these services on a sliding scale for people who do not have insurance.

 About Radiant Health Centers

Radiant Health Centers has provided more than three decades of exceptional care and support to people affected by HIV and their loved ones. It has been instrumental in driving new HIV transmissions down over the past 15 years; however, six people a week in Orange County are still diagnosed with HIV.

Radiant Health Centers encompasses traditional HIV testing and prevention outreach as well as long-standing services to Orange County’s HIV positive community while also creating a safe space to help more members of our LGBTQ community in need of compassionate care. Learn more at