Telehealth Appointments for the Orange County LGBTQ+ Community

At Radiant Health Center, we are pleased to offer telehealth services to the Orange County LGBTQ+ community. Our Irvine medical clinic has been delivering advice and treatment to people living with HIV and other health issues for over three decades. As a safe, convenient and confidential communication channel, telehealth ensures that patients across Orange County can always access reliable and efficient healthcare.

Radiant Health Centers’ Telehealth Services

Telehealth is available to patients for initial consultations, follow-up appointments and prescription care. When an individual has a medical issue, a virtual first assessment can be arranged to determine the needed services. It may then be necessary to schedule an in-person appointment for some services, including HIV and STD testing. After the initial telehealth consultation, a full assessment with a medical professional at our health clinic may be required.

Just as with each of our programs, there is no cost for telehealth appointments for those that qualify. For those with health insurance, we will need to collect your insurance information prior to the telehealth appointment.

How to Use Our Telehealth Services

Individuals can contact us to schedule an appointment with a medical provider. Our team of medical professionals is considerate and skilled – and understands the challenges facing LGBTQ+ patients. You can be assured you are dealing with educated and compassionate healthcare providers. We want you to feel safe and feel heard.

In addition, we assist patients in activating patient portal services. Our patient portal, Patient Ally, is a dedicated online service that helps deliver rapid and efficient medical care. After a referral from your provider, you can access some of the following features through the portal.

  • Medication refill requests
  • Faster communications with the provider
  • Access to your medical records
  • Schedule and reschedule appointments

What Areas Are Assessed During a Telehealth Consultation?

Telehealth is used to assist patients with a wide variety of health issues. We typically assess clients’ needs in the following areas.

  • HIV
  • STD
  • Hepatitis C
  • Hormone replacement
  • PrEP
  • PEP
  • Rapid ART
  • Family planning: Breast exams & pap smears
  • Primary care: Physical exams, doctor referrals, annual checkup & health diagnosis

While many of these services will require in-person appointments at various stages, an initial assessment and some parts of the treatment will be available using telehealth. This process will ensure patients get fast access to medical providers, while still receiving dedicated face-to-face appointments where required.

Telehealth Services Work Together With In-Person Appointments

Our telehealth services offer quick, responsive and quality care to patients across Orange County. When the same high level of care can be delivered virtually, there is often no need for a person to travel to our Irvine medical clinic. Naturally however, there are some circumstances where an in-person appointment is necessary.

Individuals can arrange in-person appointments with the same level of privacy and confidentiality as a virtual meeting. Exams, blood draws, HIV and STD testing, physicals and checkups are still conducted by staff from our LGBTQ+ medical clinic. Any follow-up appointments related to testing can be conducted using telehealth.

Why Is LGBTQ+ Telehealth So Important?

Many people within the LGBTQ+ community face disproportionate health challenges. Sadly, this issue is often exacerbated by limited access to medical services that recognize the needs of LGBTQ+ patients. When individuals fear discrimination from medical professionals, they may avoid or delay dealing with important issues such as HIV, hormone therapy, family planning and so on.

With these concerns in mind, telehealth offers comfort and understanding from staff educated in LGBTQ+ health concerns. Appointments are conducted in a friendly, open manner that respects privacy, helping patients receive the best health care. Together with our LGBTQ+ medical clinic, the telehealth service is a key channel for delivering information and treatment.

Common Questions About Our Telehealth Services

How can telehealth help people living with HIV?

Telehealth can provide fast access to information regarding HIV prevention and treatment. For example, a virtual meeting could be used for PEP and PrEP prescriptions, to help with the ongoing management of HIV and to deliver counseling.

What are the benefits of using telehealth?

Telehealth provides access to advice, treatment and prescription services from the comfort and privacy of home. Individuals can speak with knowledgeable staff in private from anywhere in Orange County. Telehealth also helps us assist those without easy access to dedicated medical professionals.

How can telehealth be used to access prescriptions?

While it’s often necessary to arrange in-person appointments, many prescription requests can be completed using telehealth. For example, ongoing PrEP and hormone replacement therapy medication could be prescribed after a virtual consultation with a staff member.

Access Our Orange County Telehealth Services Today

Radiant Health Centers provides telehealth for consultations on family planning, health checkups and an overall assessment of our clients’ needs. If you would like to schedule an appointment with an Orange County telehealth medical provider, contact us today. For assistance, call (949) 809-5700.

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