Access LGBTQ+ Telehealth Services in Orange County

As a long-established LGBTQ+ medical clinic in Irvine, Radiant Health Centers is committed to delivering fast, convenient and reliable healthcare services to the Orange County community. An increasingly popular way to receive medical assistance is through our telehealth services.

A telehealth visit resembles an in-person appointment but takes place virtually using a computer, smartphone or tablet. For our many patients across Orange County, telehealth offers a convenient way to speak to our medical team when a medical clinic visit is not possible.

Scheduling Your Telehealth Appointment

1. Call to Schedule Your Telehealth Appointment

Patients interested in a telehealth visit should call our telehealth number directly to arrange an appointment. Patients will be required to provide and confirm their email address to access the Zoom link.

2. The Day Prior You’ll Receive a Preliminary Call & Zoom Link

Before a telehealth visit, two consent forms must be signed via email. One allows email communication with our clinic, and the other allows access to telehealth services. Then a day before the appointment, the patient will receive a call and a Zoom link.

3. Access Zoom Link at Your Scheduled Appointment Time

At the scheduled telehealth visit time, a patient will access the Zoom link sent to their email address. To access the link, a patient follows the instructions provided during the preliminary phone call.

4. Sign Up for Patient Ally Portal Prior to Telehealth Appointment

Patients must also sign up for Patient Ally, our patient portal. By using the portal, patients get convenient and confidential access to our team, with the ability to make appointments, refill prescriptions and get medical advice.

Benefits of Using Our LGBTQ+ Telehealth Services

  • Convenient – Patients can attend virtual appointments without needing to travel.
  • Improved patient care – Medical providers can deliver consistent care to patients.
  • Cost-effective treatment – Saves travel costs and reduces time away from work.
  • Supporting families – Beneficial for parents or individuals caring for relatives with chronic illness.

Telehealth is an important tool in delivering a range of medical care services for the LGBTQ+ community. Treatments are available for HIV, hormone replacement therapy, family planning and other services. In practice, telehealth is often used alongside in-person appointments to provide comprehensive medical care.

Common Questions About a Telehealth Visit

What technology do I need for a telehealth visit?

Patients will need access to an internet connection and a smartphone, tablet or computer with a camera to speak to a doctor by video. In addition, an email address will be required for the Zoom video conference link.

What should I do to prepare for my telehealth visit?

Make note of issues and points you wish to discuss. Find a quiet, comfortable place to conduct your visit. Ensure that your chosen device is charged up or connected to a power supply.

Will my telehealth appointment be private?

Yes. Telehealth visits are secure and confidential, with the same level of privacy you would receive during an in-person visit.

Get Access to Telehealth Treatments Today

Radiant Health Centers uses telehealth as one way to provide fast, effective and confidential HIV care, family planning and other LGBTQ+ healthcare services. If you would like to arrange a telehealth visit with a medical professional, call us today at (949) 809-5700.

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