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Mental Health Awareness Month in May.

Mental Health Awareness Month was founded in 1949 to educate the public about mental health and advocate for improved wellness services. During May, Radiant Health Services will support this month-long event and raise awareness of our counseling and mental health services in Orange County. Once again, businesses, organizations and people like you across the U.S. […]

LGBTQ Health Awareness Week in Orange County.

The 22nd National LGBTQ Health Awareness Week is scheduled for March 18–22, 2024. As Orange County’s best-known LGBTQ+ medical clinic, Radiant Health Centers is pleased to once again support this much-needed week of events. With increased focus on the various health challenges experienced by so many in the community, this occasion is an opportunity for […]

Orange County hormone replacement therapy.

Last year was a difficult time for transgender health care, with many U.S. states placing restrictions on gender-affirming care. Treatments like hormone replacement therapy and puberty blockers faced bans or restrictions, limiting access for many transgender minors. But what does the evidence say about gender-affirming care, and what could the repercussions be for transgender individuals? […]