Make-a-Will Month Orange County.

August marks the return of Make-a-Will Month – an important reminder of the need to create or update your will. This occasion also provides an opportunity to leave a legacy by donating to the LGBTQ+ community in Orange County. And as many Americans delay the estate planning process, this month serves as a gentle reminder of the benefits of creating a will for your loved ones and beneficiaries.

What Is Make-a-Will Month?

Make-a-Will Month is dedicated to raising awareness of the importance of creating a will. While most people are mindful of the need to organize their financial affairs, fewer have actually taken the steps to safeguard those assets.

In fact, a recent survey found that while 64% of Americans believe having a will is important, only 34% actually have an estate plan. During August, individuals and organizations are encouraged to spread awareness of the benefits of estate planning.

Why Do You Need a Will?

Without a will, the courts will determine the distribution of a person’s estate. Family members and loved ones could easily miss out on the assets and financial support that the deceased person had actually intended.

In addition, many people choose to donate to good causes through their estate. As an LGBTQ-friendly healthcare home in Orange County, we have been generously supported with contributions through wills and trusts. Make-a-Will Month is the perfect time to consider where you’d like your assets to go – and secure your wishes via a legal document.

How to Start Creating a Will

Creating a will is not as difficult as many people think. Here are some tips to get started.

  • Create a list of all your assets.
  • Consider the beneficiary designations of your assets.
  • Review an existing will and make any necessary changes.
  • Choose a trusted executor to carry out the terms of the will.

Support LGBTQ+ Healthcare With a Donation

Legacy giving is an opportunity to support the causes closest to your heart and make a lasting contribution. At Radiant Health Centers, the planned giving of our donors has indeed created a lasting impact on the Orange County LGBTQ+ community.

From our stigma-free, inclusive HIV and medical treatments to the growth of our counseling and youth programs, this support enables us to continue reducing health disparities. As part of our legacy giving program we welcome donations and gifts made via a will or trust, whether as a beneficiary of retirement assets or other investments. During Make-a-Will Month, please consider giving through your will, or by donating to Radiant Health Centers here.

Orange County LGBTQ+ Healthcare and Social Services

Radiant Health Centers provides safe, accessible health services and counseling for the Orange County LGBTQ+ community. Please consider supporting our continued efforts to deliver first-class health and social care with a donation. Contact our medical clinic by calling (949) 809-5700, or request an appointment now.

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