From our LGBTQ+ medical clinic in Irvine, Radiant Health Centers provides care and support for people living with HIV. Rapid antiretroviral therapy (ART) is a treatment modality we provide to individuals who have recently tested positive for HIV. Through our HIV testing services, we can diagnose an HIV infection and provide an effective HIV treatment usually on the same day as diagnosis. Contact our medical professionals for support with any HIV-related concerns.

What Is Rapid ART?

HIV is treated using a combination of antiretroviral drugs. While these drugs are not a cure for HIV, they help people living with HIV maintain good health and continue living their normal lives, by keeping the HIV viral load undetectable. Continued use of these medications also limits the chances of transmission of HIV as levels of the virus – called the viral load – are limited.

When a person has been undetectable for six months and beyond you cannot transmit HIV to another person, this is called U=U (Undetectable is Untransmissible). Rapid ART refers to starting the treatment as soon as possible after diagnosis. Preferably, the treatment will begin on the day of diagnosis to deliver the best results.

Why Is Rapid ART Important?

Rapid ART is important as it has been shown to improve clinical outcomes, including keeping the viral load to an undetectable level by stopping the virus from multiplying. Randomized trials have proven the benefits of accelerated ART initiation and same-day starts are now recommended by the World Health Organization, DHHS (Department of Health and Human Services Guidelines and IAS (International AIDS Society)-USA. If a same-day initiation is not possible, beginning the therapy within five days of diagnosis can still prove to be effective.

Who Can Benefit From Rapid ART?

Radiant Health Centers can provide rapid antiretroviral therapy for HIV-positive individuals. Some candidates for Rapid ART include the following.

  • Individuals newly diagnosed with HIV
  • Anyone who is HIV positive and has never taken HIV meds before
  • People testing preliminary positive
  • People living with HIV who have been lost to care

If you have any concerns regarding possible exposure to HIV, we provide HIV testing at our medical clinic and at-home HIV testing kits. Fast diagnosis and treatment are key to gaining the best outcomes and maintaining good health.

Telehealth is a key component in Rapid ART and other HIV treatments. Upon exposure to HIV, fast treatment is required to deliver the best outcome. Typically, part of the treatment will be conducted at our Irvine medical clinic. However, follow-up appointments, prescription refills and access to counseling services can be accomplished by using virtual telehealth visits.

After exposure to HIV, individuals may not seek immediate treatment due to a lack of convenient and LGBTQ+-friendly medical providers. Radiant Health Centers aims to remove these barriers by offering fast and easy access to professional medical providers who understand LGBTQ+ issues. This improved access to healthcare is made possible with the addition of telehealth services.

Common Questions About Rapid ART

What should I bring to a Rapid ART appointment?

For your Rapid ART appointment, please bring identification, HIV test results (if you have them), relevant medical records and an insurance card if you are insured.

Do I need to pay for Rapid ART at Radiant Health Centers?

There is no charge for Rapid ART treatment for those who are eligible. Radiant Health Centers provides treatment regardless of insurance status.

How long will it take to get medication for Rapid ART?

A starter pack containing medication will be provided on the day of your appointment and a prescription will be sent to the pharmacy. Radiant Health Centers can also provide support and counseling to assist with treatment maintenance.

Access Rapid ART HIV Treatment in Orange County

If you have been diagnosed with HIV, Rapid ART is an effective treatment for improving patient outcomes. For all HIV-related concerns, including HIV testing, make an appointment with Radiant Health Centers in Irvine. Call the medical clinic today at (949) 809-5700 or contact us online
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