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Transgender Awareness Week in Orange County

November 13–19 sees the return of the annual Transgender Awareness Week celebrations. As the largest provider of LGBTQ+ primary medical care services in Orange County, Radiant Health Centers is proud to play its part in raising visibility for transgender issues in the community.

As in previous years, the events scheduled for this week present a unique opportunity to educate individuals on the experiences and challenges faced by transgender and gender non-conforming people.

What Is Transgender Awareness Week?

Transgender Awareness Week is a week-long series of events and activities that shine a light on the transgender community. During the celebration, transgender people and allies join together to discuss issues including transitioning, identity, prejudice, discrimination and healthcare access.

Over the years, participants have found many creative and educational outlets to spread awareness of transgender issues. From workshops and gender identity panels to creative expression and movie nights, this week brings various ways for people to engage with the community and its needs.

And with this week fast approaching, we look forward to lively and thought-provoking events that illuminate the incredible progress already made – and the many challenges still faced by the transgender community in Orange County.

Transgender Day of Remembrance

Immediately following Transgender Awareness Week is the annual Transgender Day of Remembrance. Taking place on November 20, this day commemorates the victims of transphobic violence with a vigil.

As with the Transgender Day of Visibility that celebrates the many contributions of transgender, nonbinary and gender non-conforming people, this is another important day in the calendar for Orange County’s LGBTQ+ community.

Addressing Healthcare Disparities Faced by Transgender People

We have previously highlighted transgender barriers to physical and mental healthcare, with mistreatment at the hands of medical providers being an unfortunately common issue. Because transgender people routinely face discrimination, this frequently leads to a reluctance to seek appropriate medical care.

A new report from the National LGBTQ Task Force shows that 19% of study participants have been denied care because they were transgender, while 28% have faced harassment in a medical setting.

At Radiant Health Centers, we are committed to providing a safe, compassionate and informed environment for transgender people. We offer vital primary care services such as screenings, diagnosis and treatment of common health problems, disease management and more.

We also provide targeted treatments to address the needs of many transgender individuals. Our hormone replacement therapy services have helped many people with their transition, and our knowledgeable staff ensures a medical environment free from discrimination and prejudice.

Delivering Medical Services for the LGBTQ+ Community in Orange County

Radiant Health Centers offers HIV testing and treatment, STD testing, primary care, telehealth and many other services for the LGBTQ+ community. We pride ourselves on providing safe, welcoming and inclusive care for patients at our Irvine clinic. For general inquiries, please call (949) 809-5700 or request an appointment today.

Attendee of AIDS Walk OC in Mile Square Park

On Saturday, October 22, 2022, Radiant Health Centers joined more than 300 attendees for the 36th annual AIDS Walk Orange County. As an LGBTQ+ medical clinic and HIV testing provider in Irvine, we have seen directly the impact of AIDS on the Orange County community. This year’s event was a much-needed opportunity to get together in support of people living with HIV/AIDS, and reflect on those who lost their lives to the virus.

Team Zero attends AIDS Walk Orange County

AIDS Walk Orange County – A Day of Fun, Entertainment and Reflection

Mile Square Park in Fountain Valley was the location for what was billed as a “fun walk,” with people taking part individually, in teams – and in memory of loved ones. Participants were treated to live entertainment by MenAlive, a Fun Zone with games for children and adults, an AIDS quilt memorial and the Makers Market, with crafts, artists and resource vendors.

Participants in AIDS Walk Orange County 2022

The incredible entertainment enjoyed by all was made possible thanks to support from our AIDS Walk OC sponsors – ADP, Gilead, Biktarvy, Descovy, Avita, Hyundai, Kaiser Permanente, Pacific Life, Room & Board, Shopoff Realty Investments and Moca Foundation.

Raising Money for LGBTQ+ Health and Social Services

As ever, the generosity of the community was on display. Together we raised over $117,000 – funds that will prove vital in providing world-class health and social services for the LGBTQ+ community. As part of our collective goal of ending the HIV epidemic and improving health outcomes, the money raised will help thousands across Orange County.

Radiant Health Centers takes part in the 36th annual AIDS Walk

Introducing the Golden Hearts Award

Another highlight of the day was the introduction of the new Golden Hearts Award. The result of a collaboration between Radiant Health Centers and the AIDS Walk OC Committee, the award acknowledges a community member with a longstanding commitment to the thousands of people and their families impacted by HIV in Orange County.

Deborah Reed and Joseph Lavers win Golden Hearts Award

The inaugural winners of the Golden Hearts Award were Deborah Reed and her son Joseph Lavers. Together they have supported the annual event since 1992, raising over $150,000. The family has lost many loved ones to the virus, including Deborah’s brother, Robert Reed, Jr. Throughout the years, their support has proved invaluable to many people living with HIV/AIDS, and the award recognizes their continued efforts.

Golden Hearts Award winners Joseph and Deborah with CEO Phil Yaeger

Building on the Success of AIDS Walk Orange County

Thanks to the work of so many, AIDS Walk OC will help providers deliver LGBTQ+ primary medical care services, HIV treatment and more. And after this year’s success, we hope to see you next time in support of the values of unity, family, love and equality for all.

Orange County’s Leading Provider of HIV Testing and Treatment

Radiant Health Centers provides safe and confidential HIV treatment and testing at our Irvine medical clinic. For these and many other services, including STD testing, counseling and telehealth, contact us today. For general inquiries, call (949) 809-5700 or request an appointment now.

Irvine LGBTQ+ history month celebrations

October is LGBTQ+ History Month, and a chance to celebrate the community’s many achievements. As Orange County’s largest LGBTQ+ primary medical care services provider, since our founding we have seen firsthand the progress made during the last few decades.

But LGBTQ+ history dates back much longer than that (of course), and is filled with pioneering civil rights struggles and trailblazing figures. For LGBTQ+ History Month throughout October, we are joining with the OC community to celebrate these many achievements.

What Is LGBTQ+ History Month?

LGBTQ+ History Month was founded in 1994 by Missouri history teacher Rodney Wilson as Lesbian and Gay History Month. Created as a way to recognize and celebrate the work of important role models, give greater access to LGBTQ+ history and build communities, the month is now observed in cities across the world. October was chosen as students are in school, and this month also acknowledges National Coming Out Day and the 1979 and 1987 LGBTQ+ marches on Washington.

LGBTQ+ History Month in Orange County

It’s a busy time in the local community that includes the 36th annual AIDS Walk Orange County. LGBTQ+ History Month is a good time to reflect on the work of those who fought for progress.

Orange County has a history of LGBTQ+ activism, with many records and materials curated through the Orange County Historical LGBT Timeline project. The UC Irvine Libraries house this archival collection developed by activist Barbara Muirhead.

These historical records highlight a vibrant and politically active LGBTQ+ community in Orange County. Events such as the Laguna Pride Weekend and Gay Games IV, the 1993 march on Washington and more are thoroughly documented.

How to Support LGBTQ+ History Month

Spreading awareness is at the heart of LGBTQ+ History Month. You can do this by learning about the legacies of some iconic figures in history and sharing their stories across social media. Role models and public representation play a key role in building young people’s self-confidence, and in providing a more inclusive history that is often missing from mainstream conversations. In addition, a donation to an LGBTQ+ cause can go a long way.

Supporting Healthcare During LGBTQ+ History Month

For the LGBTQ+ community, health outcomes is one area where progress has undoubtedly been made. However, for many throughout Orange County, the barriers to reliable, tolerant healthcare services still exist. And as we celebrate the work of the many pioneers who came before us, our LGBTQ+ medical clinic is committed to providing safe, effective services for the local community.

Trusted LGBTQ+ Medical Care and Testing Services in Irvine

Radiant Health Centers is Orange County’s home for LGBTQ+ medical services. We provide HIV testing and treatment, primary medical care, hormone replacement therapy, counseling and more. To reach our medical clinic, please call (949) 809-5700 or request an appointment online.

Healthcare services in Irvine

For close to four decades, Irvine-based Radiant Health Centers has been delivering considerate and comprehensive healthcare services. As the area’s most prominent HIV service provider, our Orange County LGBTQ+ medical clinic remains committed to the ongoing fight to end the AIDS epidemic. In addition, over the years we have expanded to deliver a broad range of services, offering a healthcare home to those who face barriers to accessing primary care.

Find Your Healthcare Home With Radiant Health Centers

Finding a medical provider who understands the needs of LGBTQ+ patients is not always easy. A report from the Center for American Progress identified frequent cases of healthcare discrimination that led to LGBTQ+ people avoiding seeking medical care.

The survey found that 8% of respondents had been refused treatment due to their actual or perceived sexual orientation. Further, 9% of people also reported facing harsh or abusive language from a doctor or medical provider during treatment. We have previously reported on transgender barriers to physical and mental healthcare.

Inclusive Medical Services for the LGBTQ+ Community

At Radiant Health Centers, our goal is to provide access to the services our Orange County patients require. We are the first point of contact for patients experiencing common illnesses, while also helping to manage existing conditions and prevent poor health in the future. And with avoidance of routine health checks leading to increased rates of heart disease, diabetes and depression, easy access to these primary care services is crucial.

Beyond our primary services, we are also a leading provider of HIV and STD testing and treatment, hormone replacement therapy and family planning. Patients receive compassionate and stigma-free care that is delivered by knowledgeable physicians and counselors. And with frequent updates to our services, including the introduction of telehealth and youth programs, we are committed to offering holistic medical care tailored to the LGBTQ+ community.

Welcoming Our New Medical Director

The most notable addition to our clinic for the coming year is the hiring of our new Medical Director, Dr. Duy Duc Nguyen. Dr. Nguyen comes to us from Vista Community Clinic, a Federally Qualified Healthcare Center (FQHC) in La Habra, where he spent the last three years as a family physician caring for patients of all ages. His specialty care included LGBTQ+ mental health, transgender care and hormone therapy, hepatitis C treatment, PreP and harm reduction therapy.

Radiant Health Centers is thrilled to welcome Dr. Nguyen, whose skills and knowledge will help lead us to FQHC status as we continue to provide the best care for Orange County’s LGBTQ+ community. We are happy to welcome Dr. Nguyen to our team of dedicated providers.

Medical Care Accessibility Is Key

An analysis of LGBTQ+ health accessibility published by the National Library of Medicine found exclusion and marginalization were prominent. Many LGBTQ+ people report experiencing difficulties in communicating with health professionals. Radiant Health Centers has long been committed to removing these barriers, emphasizing healthcare accessibility for patients across Orange County.

The introduction of LGBTQ+ telehealth services means individuals can remotely access group counseling, consultations with doctors and medication refills. Similarly, at-home appointments reduces travel and cost constraints experienced by people most at risk. These benefits, along with the many other innovations at our medical clinic, make Radiant Health Centers the natural healthcare home for so many in the community.

Primary Medical Care Services for Orange County’s LGBTQ+ Community

Radiant Health Centers provides primary medical care, HIV and STD testing services, family planning and counseling for the LGBTQ+ community in Orange County. We are committed to improving the health outcomes of our patients through accessible healthcare services. To contact us, call (949) 809-5700 or request an appointment today.

HIV testing services in Irvine

As the largest LGBTQ+ medical clinic in Orange County, Radiant Health Centers is encouraging the community to know their HIV status and stay protected. Our HIV testing services play a crucial part in the early detection of HIV for so many people. However, countless others could also benefit from our services. Our goal is to give access to those most at risk from the virus by providing free HIV testing for the uninsured or underinsured. Those with insurance can also access our testing and treatment in a stigma-free environment.

Treating HIV Starts With Knowing Your Status

According to data from UNAIDS, 38.4 million people globally were living with HIV in 2021, but 28.7 million were accessing antiretroviral therapy. Further data suggests that last year, around 85% of people with HIV knew their status. While this figure shows considerable improvement from years past, the targeted figure of 90% (that was set for 2020) has not been reached. In brief, increasing knowledge about the importance of HIV testing and improving access to services is vital to improving status awareness.

Why Knowing Your HIV Status Is so Important

Knowing your status provides personal benefits – and broader societal benefits for the Orange County community. In many cases, a person can feel fine, exhibiting no clear signs of HIV, yet may still test positive. Because physical symptoms are not reliable indicators, the need for testing is very real.

Not only does HIV testing help prevent passing the virus to others, it also ensures people can get fast access to PEP or Rapid ART treatments. And as we’ve seen with events like the National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day, educating about benefits can lead to behavioral changes within the community.

Who Should Get Tested for HIV?

If you have concerns about exposure to HIV, you should make an immediate appointment at Radiant Health Centers’ Irvine medical clinic for testing as soon as possible. The CDC recommends that everyone between ages 13 and 64 get tested at least once for HIV. In addition, you should get a test if you have had sex with someone whose sexual history you don’t know.

Improving HIV Testing Accessibility

One of the primary concerns for people most at risk for HIV is accessibility to testing and treatment. Factors including travel distance, costs and stigma may prevent individuals from knowing their status. At Radiant Health Centers, we aim to improve accessibility with free HIV testing options for the uninsured, easy access to treatment, telehealth support and virtual counseling and mental health support.

Safe and Confidential HIV Testing Services in Orange County

Radiant Health Centers provides free HIV, STD and hepatitis C testing from our Irvine medical clinic. When you want to access testing, treatment or counseling services in Orange County, Radiant Health Centers works with the LGBTQ+ community to meet these needs. Call (949) 809-5700 for general inquiries.

AIDS Walk Orange County fundraising

On Saturday, October 22, 2022 at 9 a.m., the annual AIDS Walk Orange County returns for its 36th year. This event offers the chance to come together, support people living with HIV/AIDS – and remember those we lost to the virus. At Radiant Health Centers, we invite the Orange County community to join us and walk in support of unity, family, love and equality for all.

Everything You Need to Know About AIDS Walk Orange County 2022

AIDS Walk Orange County starts at Mile Square Park in Fountain Valley. The action-packed event includes a “fun walk,” live entertainment, games, food trucks, plus an arts and crafts vendor fair. Some events to look forward to are the cutest dog contest, the most creative AIDS Walk T-shirt – and our top fundraiser and team announcement.

Participants may register as an individual, create a team or join a team, with the registration fee set at $25. There is no fundraising minimum to take part. And remember, every dollar counts, and we encourage people to work together to reach their fundraising goals.

If you cannot walk with us this year, you can still participate in the cause and help us by donating. Any amount you donate is appreciated!

Why AIDS Walk Orange County 2022 Matters

AIDS Walk Orange County has enabled Radiant Health Centers to support the LGBTQ+ community with health services, mental health counseling and other social services. With a history dating back to 1986, the walk brings together friends and families in solidarity with people living with HIV, and with those who have lost their lives.

Many people within the LGBTQ+ community face health disparities and struggle to get the healthcare they need. At Radiant Health Centers we provide the highest level of medical care and support, thanks in part to the generosity of our donors and sponsors. A special mention to the sponsors of this year’s event – ADP, Gilead, Biktarvy, Descovy, Avita, Hyundai, Room & Board and Shopoff Realty Investments.

Building on the Success of Last Year’s Walk

Last year’s event was a big success, with hundreds of participants raising a total of more than $120,000. This year we hope to do even better with the help of individuals and organizations in the community.

Funds raised have allowed us to invest in critical support services, including HIV testing, STI testing, medical services and youth programs. These programs improve health outcomes for people with HIV/AIDS, and deliver prevention, treatment and care to tackle the ongoing HIV/AIDS epidemic. By walking with us and donating to AIDS Walk Orange County 2022 this October, you can play an essential role in the fight to end HIV.

Attend the AIDS Walk Orange County and Donate to the Cause

Donating to AIDS Walk Orange County allows us to support thousands of LGBTQ+ people with health and social services. Please visit the fundraising page to register for the walk and donate to the cause. For any general inquiries, you can call us at (949) 809-5700.

Monkeypox prevention in Orange County


Free Monkeypox vaccines are now available at Radiant Health Centers. Vaccines are available to anyone in Orange County by appointment only. To book an appointment call (949) 809-5700.

Monkeypox is a rare disease caused by the monkeypox virus and anyone can get monkeypox, get vaccinated today!

In early August, the U.S. government declared monkeypox a public health emergency amid growing case rates. As monkeypox cases continue to rise, Radiant Health Centers is committed to supporting the LGBTQ+ community with up-to-date information and reliable education. Together with our friends in the Orange County community, we’re here to share information about monkeypox, keeping you informed and helping you stay safe.

What You Need to Know About Monkeypox

Monkeypox is a rare infection caused by the monkeypox virus (part of the same family of viruses as smallpox). The disease has been discovered in more than 90 countries worldwide and is causing great concern. The latest data indicates 83 confirmed and probable cases in Orange County, with the Orange County Health Care Agency continuing to investigate and conduct contact tracing.

Recognizing the Symptoms of Monkeypox

Monkeypox symptoms usually begin around 5–21 days after infection. Initial symptoms could be a fever, low energy, an aching body, swollen lymph nodes and headaches. Over the next few days, patients develop a rash that turns into blisters that scab over and eventually heal. The rash may develop on the face, hands, feet, chest, genitals and anus, and usually clears up after a few weeks.

If you recognize these symptoms, contact your healthcare provider for help. The Orange County Health Care Agency is vaccinating those who meet the CDC guidelines, and who are 18 years or older. For an appointment, call (800) 564-8448 or visit www.othena.com. Learn more at www.ochealthinfo.com/monkeypox.

Preventive Steps to Fight Monkeypox Transmission

Prevention will play a key role in curbing the spread of monkeypox in Orange County. Here are the steps we can all take:

  • Wash your hands regularly.
  • Isolate yourself if you have monkeypox symptoms.
  • Avoid close contact with people who have symptoms.
  • Pay attention to sores or rashes on your body.
  • Wear protective clothing when caring for those with monkeypox.

Monkeypox and the LGBTQ+ Community

Data suggests that men who have sex with men are currently the group with the highest infection rates. However, while close skin contact is a method of transmission, monkeypox is not regarded as a sexually transmitted disease.

Join Us to End the Stigma About Monkeypox

Sadly, misinformation about the disease is stopping some people from accessing medical care. In reality, anyone can get monkeypox, from sharing towels to caring for someone with the disease. By spreading awareness, we can help stop the stigma and ensure individuals get the appropriate medical care when needed.

Radiant Health Centers is the leading LGBTQ+ medical clinic in Irvine. Our expert team provides HIV testing and treatment, STD testing, family planning, counseling and telehealth services for people in Orange County. For general inquiries, call (949) 809-5700 or request an appointment now.

STI/STD testing services in Orange County

Reports of sharp increases in California’s STD rates have been commonplace in recent years. As the leading LGBTQ+ medical clinic in Orange County, Radiant Health Centers has been committed to tackling this issue by offering STD testing services at our Irvine medical clinic. LGBTQ+ people can now get tested in a friendly environment where safety, privacy and sexual health are prioritized.

Free STD Testing Service Available for LGBTQ+ People

Radiant Health Centers provides same-day STD testing free of charge to the LGBTQ+ community in Orange County. Patients without insurance can access free STD, HIV and hepatitis C testing, while those with insurance will need to share their information with the clinic.

At Radiant Health Centers, while STD testing is not a new service, today it’s more important than ever. It was less than 12 months ago that Governor Newsom signed a bill into law that promised greater STI testing and treatment. The push to improve sexual health outcomes came about after California’s STD rates were said to have reached “crisis levels.”

Syphilis in particular was singled out, with rates in California rising 74% between 2015 and 2019. But within the LGBTQ+ community, all STDs and HIV are a concern due to disproportionately high rates. The CDC identified young gay and bisexual males as being at risk, with social stigma and mental health issues playing a role in risky sexual behavior and a reluctance to seek medical assistance.

Types of STDs Impacting LGTBQ+ People in Orange County

A free STD test at Radiant Health Centers will screen for a range of infections – you can view our STD types infographic for a closer look. And this screening is crucial, as STD rates have been increasing for various STD types. For example, between 2009 and 2019 the rate of gonorrhea in Orange County went from 23.9 cases per 100,000 population to 126.4 per 100,000 population.

Similarly, chlamydia rates per 100,000 population rose from 251 to 442.7 during the same period. For the prevention of ongoing health issues, it’s important that STD testing and treatment combat these stark increases – and these goals also apply to HIV and hepatitis C. Note that while hepatitis C is not actually an STD, it’s often assumed to be one as screening for hep-C is included during STI/STD testing.

Where Can I Get Free STD Testing?

Testing is conducted at our Irvine medical clinic with full confidentiality. Tests are performed in person, while follow-up appointments or treatment could possibly be accomplished through our LGBTQ+ telehealth services.

Access Free STD Treatment and Testing in Orange County

Radiant Health Centers provides free STD, HIV and hepatitis testing services at our medical clinic in Irvine. Our expert team can also assist patients with counseling, family planning and other key medical services. For medical inquiries or STD testing, please call (949) 809-5700 or request an appointment today.

Irvine mental health issues facing LGBTQ+ youth

LGBTQ+ youth in Orange County are disproportionately affected by mental health challenges. As Radiant Health Centers prepares to launch their new LGBTQ+ Youth & Mentorship program, it’s a good time to reflect on the challenges many young people in the community face each day.

Sadly, social stigma, discrimination and judgment about identities are frequent sources of stress during the pivotal adolescent years. And now more than ever, it’s important to raise awareness of these issues and deliver comprehensive LGBTQ+ youth services.

Showing Support for LGBTQ+ Youth Mental Health in Orange County

As the largest LGBTQ+ healthcare provider in Orange County, we are constantly reminded of the struggles facing young people. Many LGBTQ+ youth lack a support system to guide them towards adulthood. Consequently, individuals are left to navigate home, school, healthcare and workplace environments that are often less than accommodating of their needs.

At Radiant Health Centers, we are committed to providing physical, mental and social services to the most vulnerable LGBTQ+ youth. With this commitment in mind during our annual celebration of Pride Month, we are asking for donations to support our LGBTQ+ Youth & Mentorship program. The first $25,000 raised by July 31st will be matched dollar-for-dollar thanks to the generosity of an anonymous donor.

How Do Mental Health Issues Impact LGBTQ+ Youth?

Stress, anxiety, depression, body dysmorphia and other mental health disorders impact Orange County LGBTQ+ youth. Unfortunately, these issues often have a cumulative effect that leads to other health issues. Statistics show that our LGBTQ+ youth have disproportionately high rates of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases, and are also more likely to attempt suicide.

According to a survey by The Trevor Project, 42% of LGBTQ+ youth seriously considered suicide during the last year. In addition, 94% of respondents also reported that recent politics had negatively impacted their mental health. By contrast, they reported that having access to spaces that affirmed their sexual orientation led to lower rates of attempted suicide.

Expanding Mental Health Programs for Orange County’s LGBTQ+ Youth

Access to uplifting spaces is one of the initiatives introduced with the latest youth programs that are coming to Radiant Health Centers. A drop-in center will provide a place for LGBTQ+ transitional-aged youth (ages 13 to 25), one that is designed specifically to address their needs. Similarly, LGBTQ+ counseling groups, mentorship and sexual health education will provide solid foundations for individuals as they develop into adulthood. Thankfully, as awareness is raised on the mental health struggles of LGBTQ+ youth, more help and guidance can reduce inequalities and create a better future for young people in Orange County.

Supporting the LGBTQ+ Youth in Orange County

At Radiant Health Centers we provide counseling, support and medical services to the LGBTQ+ community in Orange County. If you need help with HIV testing and treatment, STI testing, mental health counseling and other programs, reach out to our Irvine clinic. For assistance, call (949) 809-5700 or request an appointment now.

Pride Month events in Irvine and Orange County

June is Pride Month and Radiant Health Centers is proud to once again support the LGBTQ+ community in Orange County. During this annual event, LGBTQ+ people around the globe come together to uplift marginalized voices and raise awareness of issues affecting the community. At Radiant Health Centers we will join in the celebration of the incredible progress made by so many, and consider what can be done to continue to promote inclusivity.

Why Pride Month Matters for LGBTQ+ People in Orange County

Pride Month is an opportunity for individuals, communities and organizations to consider how to promote inclusivity, equity and diversity. From workplaces and schools to health services and community groups, LGBTQ+ individuals routinely face barriers to equality. With awareness at its highest during Pride Month, these groups and organizations are encouraged to reflect on how to foster a better environment for LGBTQ+ people.

Addressing the Ongoing Struggles for Equality

While much progress has been made over recent decades, frequent examples of discrimination throughout society still occur. Pride Month is a chance to celebrate the many achievements, along with the need to be aware of the continued need for improvements.

During Mental Health Awareness Month, we saw the impact of discrimination and inequality on the mental well-being of many in the LGBTQ+ community. Statistics indicate that over half of all LGBTQ+ women have experienced sexual harasment during their careers. Similarly, LGBTQ+ women are the most likely group to report microaggressions at work.

While change is an ongoing process, Pride Month provides individuals and organizations with the chance for open discussion, self-education and allyship. Fortunately, when the world is focused on the LGBTQ+ community during Pride Month, change is more likely to occur.

How Groups Can Promote Inclusivity in Orange County

  • Develop policies detailing how your organization promotes inclusivity.
  • Create an open forum for LGBTQ+ people to discuss their needs.
  • Offer diversity training to foster better relations.
  • Ensure LGBTQ+ people with disabilities are not prevented from participation.

What Events Are Taking Place During Pride Month?

Pride Month 2022 features a wide variety of events. At Radiant Health Centers, we have our Pride Kick Off Happy Hour on Thursday, June 23rd. Join us for a chance to socialize and prepare yourself for the OC Pride Parade and Festival on Saturday, June 25th. With the many events taking place during June, OC Pride is the best place to stay up-to-date with the busy calendar.

Access LGBTQ+ Medical Care in Orange County

Radiant Health Centers provides STD testing, HIV treatment, counseling, social services and more for the LGBTQ+ community in Orange County. We provide confidential visits at our Irvine clinic or through our telehealth facilities. To contact us, call (949) 809-5700 or request an appointment now.