Hormone replacement therapy in Orange County

As the largest LGBTQ+ healthcare provider in Irvine, Radiant Health Centers offers our Orange County clients hormone replacement therapy (HRT) – one among several vital gender-affirming care services we deliver. In light of an important study published earlier this year, we are emphasizing the importance of these services.

There are also ongoing studies demonstrating HRT’s significant physical, social and mental health benefits for transgender and nonbinary individuals. In response, we remain committed to bringing leading health services to the community.

New Study Highlights the Benefits of Hormone Replacement Therapy

Published by the New England Journal of Medicine, this study involved 315 participants ages 12 to 20. Nearly 70% of participants who commenced the study with severe depression reported improvements to the minimal or moderate range after two years of hormone therapy. This stark decrease in depressive symptoms highlights the crucial role of HRT in supporting the mental health of transgender and nonbinary youth.

Discrepancies between physical appearance and inner sense of gender identity can often contribute to mental health issues. HRT (also called gender-affirming hormones) is essential in aligning a transgender person’s physical characteristics with their gender identity.

These findings demonstrated that HRT contributed to better appearance congruence, increased life satisfaction – and reduced symptoms of depression and anxiety. As shown by many previous studies and affirmation from the transgender community, access to HRT is vital for improving health and well-being.

Why Access to Hormone Replacement Therapy Matters

Transgender and nonbinary individuals have historically encountered numerous obstacles in accessing gender-affirming healthcare – particularly to services tailored to their unique needs. These barriers have perpetuated disparities and adversely affected individual health outcomes, and the findings of this study clearly reinforce the necessity of accessible, affirming LGBTQ+-friendly healthcare services.

At Radiant Health Centers we have taken a proactive approach in addressing these challenges, ensuring that HRT and gender-affirming care are readily accessible to the LGBTQ+ community in Orange County. We understand the complexities surrounding the journey of self-identification and transition. Consequently, our services are structured around understanding, compassion and expertise.

Easy Access to Counseling and Mental Health Services

Our services also extend beyond HRT to encompass a broad range of healthcare needs. We offer mental health and counseling services provided by knowledgeable medical staff who understand the specific needs of the LGBTQ+ community. In addition, our youth programs are a valuable way to meet like-minded peers for support and allyship.

Overall, these services are designed to support mental wellbeing, to help manage anxiety and depression, as well as to provide strategies to cope with the challenges associated with identity and transition. As always, our Orange County LGBTQ+ medical clinic welcomes anyone looking for support and guidance in accessing our range of services.

Access Hormone Replacement Therapy in Orange County

Radiant Health Centers provides comprehensive medical care and mental health services from our clinic in Irvine. If you would like to discuss hormone replacement therapy, counseling, or any of our services, contact our team today. Call (949) 809-5700 or request an appointment now.

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