Trans Awareness Month in Irvine.

November marks the return of Transgender Awareness Month for 2023. As a trusted provider of hormone replacement therapy in Orange County, we have long been committed to delivering gender-affirming care to our patients. This November, we are pleased to join the many voices supporting and celebrating the transgender community in pursuit of a more inclusive society.

What Is Transgender Awareness Month?

Transgender Awareness Month (often called Trans Awareness Month) is dedicated to raising awareness of the transgender community. Throughout the month, in-person and online events will highlight the contributions, issues and struggles experienced by trans people around the world.

Advocacy efforts include celebrations and educational events, each of which helps increase the visibility of transgender people in Orange County and beyond. At Radiant Health Centers we’re proud to offer our support in many ways – and of course, that includes talking about the benefits of hormone replacement therapy.

Why Does Trans Awareness Month Matter?

During November, individuals and communities will recognize and celebrate transgender people. They will examine and discuss ways to tackle inequalities in healthcare, employment, as well as in other areas of society. Trans Awareness Month shines a light on issues transgender people face, including various challenges and that unfortunately include discrimination and violence. As a formal acknowledgement of the trans community, this time is dedicated to advocating for rights and equal treatment.

By raising awareness, it is indeed possible to reduce prejudice and increase understanding of the experiences of transgender people. And with social events like the gender affirming closet, there will be many opportunities to foster supportive local communities.

Important Dates in November

There are two notable dates among November’s many events. First, Transgender Awareness Week takes place between November 13–19. With an intensive series of events addressing the violence and discrimination faced by the transgender community, this week is the month’s busiest. During this time, advocacy and community engagement are key aspects that lead up to the Day of Remembrance.

Transgender Day of Remembrance is November 20th. Founded in 1999 by Gwendolyn Ann Smith, this day is a special occasion that honors the memory of those who have had their lives taken by anti-transgender violence.

How We Support the Transgender Community

At Radiant Health Centers, we support transgender people with gender-affirming care – hormone replacement therapy is just one of our offerings. We work closely with each individual during their transition, helping them align with their gender identity.

Patients can be assured of receiving compassionate, culturally competent, stigma-free care from our team of knowledgeable medical professionals. We also support the transgender community with our primary medical care services, mental health support, along with other general health treatments.

Primary Medical Care and Mental Health Services in Orange County

Radiant Health Centers provides a range of medical services including hormone replacement therapy, HIV treatment, STD testing, counseling services and youth programs. Contact our Irvine clinic for stigma-free advice and treatment. Call (949) 809-5700 or request an appointment now.

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