Orange County LGBTQ+ youth drop-in center

Radiant Health Centers is pleased to announce the opening of our LGBTQ+ youth drop-in center. Along with our LGBTQ+ youth and mentorship program, sexual health education groups and gender affirming closet, the drop-in center provides further opportunities to improve the physical and mental health of young people in Orange County. Visitors to the center are assured of a safe space to relax and unwind, engage with their peers and access valuable services.

Orange County’s LGBTQ+ Youth Drop-In Center

Our youth drop-in center is open on Mondays and Fridays from 4–7 p.m. for anyone who is 12–26 years old. Featuring snacks, games, self-care items, career coaching, a gender affirming wardrobe and many more fun activities, the center is an accepting and supportive environment where attendees are free to be themselves.

Many in the LGBTQ+ community feel isolated and lack a supportive network of friends and family they can turn to. An inability to connect and communicate with others reduces a person’s quality of life – the results are clear to see with LGBTQ+ youth facing mental health disparities.

We are committed to helping young people feel empowered and confident by providing a safe space, resources, advocacy and community. With the opening of our youth drop-in center we actively play a role in addressing many issues. The benefits of this sense of community and belonging can be seen in higher self-esteem, improved mental health and better overall well-being.

How to Attend the LGBTQ+ Youth Drop-In Center

To learn more and get the center’s address, please get in touch with Toni Collard at (949) 809-5788 or by email.

You can also learn more about Radiant Health Centers’ youth programs in the latest edition of The Voice.

Why Safe Spaces for LGBTQ+ Youth Matter

Safe spaces like our youth drop-in center play a vital role in young people’s physical and emotional well-being. At its core, the center is a place for young people to socialize and relax in a friendly environment free from discrimination. However, visitors can also address their individual needs through mentoring and other services.

Our center offers a wealth of resources, including sexual health supplies, coaching and resume-building advice. In addition, we can provide referrals and guidance, with access to LGBTQ+ counseling and mental health support. And whether you are looking for a friendly place full of fun and activities or you require a greater level of support and assistance, the drop-in center is a sanctuary free from judgment and harassment for the young LGBTQ+ community of Orange County.

Contact Us for LGBTQ+ Youth Counseling, Medical Care and Mentorship

Radiant Health Centers is the home of LGBTQ+ health and HIV care in Orange County. For primary care services, HIV and STD testing, counseling and other vital services, contact us today. For assistance, call (949) 809-5700  or request an appointment now.

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