Irvine transgender health issues.

Research conducted by the University of California has yet again highlighted some of the healthcare challenges facing transgender people. As the leading Orange County LGBTQ+ medical clinic, Radiant Health Centers provides safe and compassionate care for the local community.

Healthcare Remains a Persistent Struggle for Transgender Individuals

With all our efforts, this research indicates that transgender individuals still routinely face a lack of cultural competency, misgendering, treatment refusal and perceived systemic barriers from many providers.

Limitations in Gender Discrimination Laws

A Center for American Progress survey found that half of all transgender respondents had experienced mistreatment from a healthcare provider. Negative experiences frequently lead to individuals avoiding further interactions with medical professionals, and to mental health issues and substance abuse. While laws aim to protect all individuals from gender discrimination, in practice they are often not enforced by medical professionals or insurers.

The Mental and Physical Health Conditions Facing Transgender Communities

Transgender individuals report facing wide-reaching mental and physical conditions that lead to a drastically reduced quality of life. Recurring challenges include high levels of stress, anxiety, clinical depression and suicide. In fact, up to 40% of survey respondents report attempting suicide or experiencing psychological distress. Frequent cases of discrimination, intimidation and physical violence inevitably place a considerable burden on the physical and mental wellbeing of an individual.

Patients within the healthcare system may require a supply of hormones, counseling services and voice therapy. Additionally, high levels of HIV, STDs and substance abuse all require considerate and compassionate care. Unfortunately, many transgender individuals report dissatisfaction with the medical assistance they receive on these matters. Understanding how COVID-19 can impact the LGBTQ+ community is also a topical concern that can be overlooked by mainstream healthcare providers.

The Importance of Functioning Health Services for Transgender Individuals

A climate of stigma, discrimination, prejudice and ignorance is a daily reality for countless transgender people. And while continuous attempts at education and understanding can lead to improvements in healthcare, education and the workplace, it is clear that more work is required.

Persistent attacks on physical and mental wellbeing cause high levels of stress and anxiety that resonate throughout a transgender individual’s life. Access to healthcare providers who understand these challenges is essential for rebuilding the trust eroded by poor treatment and hostility.

Important Steps in Tackling Discrimination

The legal system and healthcare providers can make important steps to reduce barriers to physical and mental healthcare. Funding increases for counseling and mental health services, training for staff, additional support for community health centers and improved laws to prevent discrimination and violence are just a few ways to make a dramatic difference to the lives of transgender individuals in Orange County – and right across the country.

Safe and Discreet Services for the LGBTQ+ Community

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