Our Culture

At Radiant Health Centers, whether you are a client or an employee, you will be accepted, valued, and heard. Diversity, equity, and inclusion are more than just words—they encompass both our history and our vision for the future. We recognize that our clients come from all walks of life, and we are committed to treating the whole person with dignity and humility.

Our mission is to provide “compassionate care to all.” However, we understand that simply offering high quality care is not enough. Many people continue to be excluded from accessing care, due to racism, classism, or simply the everyday hurdles of navigating life. While the word “diversity” has not always been used to acknowledge these barriers, it is key to understanding the many different challenges, and strengths, that each client brings to Radiant Health Centers when they come to us.

As we continue to educate ourselves and evolve our approach to be as equitable as possible, we know that what works today will not always be the answer. But through humility and dialogue, we know that we will continue to make progress toward our mission, as well as our Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI) commitments.

Diversity Equity and Inclusion Commitments:

Continually challenge ourselves and our communities to make strides toward social justice.

Constantly strive to eliminate healthcare, housing, and food disparities within our community.

Engage in ongoing dialogue with stakeholders, employees,  and clients related to DEI issues that impact us and our community.