IRVINE, Calif. (Jan. 7, 2019)—Radiant Health Centers is proud to announce a significant gift of $25,000 from the M.A.C. AIDS Fund to support Radiant Health Centers’ Nutrition Services Program. The Nutrition Program serves men, women and children living with HIV in Orange County and was recently expanded to include members of the LGBTQ+ community who are experiencing food insecurity, regardless of HIV status.
“We are truly honored to receive this grant from the M.A.C. AIDS Fund,” said Phil Yaeger, executive director and CEO, Radiant Health Centers. “It will make an enormous difference in our community, helping some of our most vulnerable members get enough food on their plates.”
Stigma, poverty, cultural misunderstandings and other health barriers have led to heightened health risks in Orange County’s vulnerable LGBTQ+ population, including HIV. The food pantry provides a dependable source of nutritious food for not only Radiant Health Centers’ clients, but also their pets.

“Providing access to basic necessities like food, housing and healthcare is crucial to ending the HIV epidemic in Orange County,” said Yaeger. “If a person’s most basic needs are not met, managing an HIV diagnosis, including taking medication and accessing care on a consistent basis to keep HIV undetectable and untransmittable, may not be possible.”
Eligible clients pick up their food at Radiant Health Centers, and the nonprofit also delivers food to clients who do not have access to transportation or who are unable to pick up their own groceries.
Radiant Health Centers provides the LGBTQ+ community medical services that are compassionate and comprehensive while continuing to serve those living with and affected by HIV. Learn more at


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Sandra Wellhausen
C: (619) 245-8866

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