National HIV Testing Day in Irvine

June 27, 2023 is the return of National HIV Testing Day, and Radiant Health Centers is proud to offer our support once again. As a long-established HIV testing and treatment provider in Orange County, we have been working to end the HIV/AIDS epidemic since our earliest days. And with so much still to do, this day is a much-needed opportunity to come together as a community and support knowing your status, while spreading awareness of the issues.

What Is National HIV Testing Day?

National HIV Testing Day has been observed annually around the country since 1995. This day is meant to encourage HIV testing and raise awareness of the benefits of knowing your status, including realizing the advantages of an early diagnosis.

The theme for 2023 is “Take the Test & Take the Next Step,” focusing on how understanding your status can help you make smart decisions about your health. Regardless of the results, testing ensures that people are best prepared to prevent getting or transmitting HIV. In short, know your status to help end the HIV epidemic.

What National HIV Testing Day Can Achieve

This year’s theme emphasizes the treatments associated with testing. These treatments are available for those most at risk and those with a positive test result. For example, if you are in an at-risk category, PrEP dramatically decreases the chances of contracting HIV. Similarly, PEP is an antiretroviral medication for people who believe they may have recently been exposed.

In addition, Rapid ART is a combination of drugs that keeps the viral load low. For people living with HIV, Rapid ART reduces the chance of transmitting the virus and helps patients live long, healthy lives.

Staying Healthy With STD Testing Services

While this day focuses on HIV awareness, it’s also important to note just how essential a reliable STD testing service is for the Orange County community. STD testing is not included with HIV testing but it can be requested – and the results can help limit transmission of other infections. At Radiant Health Centers, our HIV and STD testing services are free for those without insurance, while those with insurance will be asked to share their coverage details.

What You Can Do to Support National HIV Testing Day

In tackling HIV, the National HIV/AIDS Strategy highlights the need for fast diagnoses. And with that goal in mind, you’ll want to spread this message across your social media channels. Educating people on their options – including their various testing options and rapid ART services – can help reduce the spread of HIV and deliver real benefits to the Orange County community.

Access HIV Testing Services in Orange County

Radiant Health Centers provides HIV testing and treatment at our LGBTQ+ Irvine medical clinic. To access HIV and STD testing services, contact our Orange County center today. Call (949) 809-5700 or request an appointment now.

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