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Kurt Weston makes his living as a photographer. He’s also legally blind. It’s a paradox that has become his calling card, and he identifies with it proudly. His blindness comes from tremendous damage done to his retinas and the rest of his eyes due to complications from AIDS. Read Full Article

When you think of HIV/AIDS and God or religion, the following images may come to mind: “God Hates Fags” lining the streets at the local AIDS walk. A candlelight vigil in the church sanctuary on World AIDS Day. Members of a religious congregation figuratively (and literally) turning their collective backs on someone who has AIDS. […]

Radiant Health Centers in Irvine, California invites the Orange County community to don their brightest cycling gear on Saturday, October 27, and ride for a good cause, the 9th annual Orange County Ride for AIDS, Radiant Health Centers’ one-day weekend ride that raises funds to finance the organization’s services and programs for the HIV community. The […]