ASF staff and volunteers provide a wide range of activities through this program such as the annual Family Camp and Kids Club.   Made possible by the Wilbur May Foundation, ASF provides families with resources to better cope with HIV disease.  This includes recreational activities as well as financial assistance. Examples include:

  • Family Camp, an annual free event held the last weekend in August, is a wonderful opportunity for families to get away and enjoy a range of recreational style activities such as canoeing, archery, crafts and camp fire “sing a-longs”.
  • Free passes to area amusement parks and facilities so families can enjoy time together.
  • Back to school supplies such as back packs and gift cards to purchase new clothes and shoes for return to school last fall.
  • New toys, clothing, electronics and gift cards during the holidays are made available to kids living with HIV disease in their families.
  • ASF’s Enrichment Program which allows children to participate in community education, sports or academic enrichment courses in their neighborhood.
  • The Emergency Infant Fund provided funds for basic infant needs like car seats, diapers, formula for clients that need assistance making ends meet.
  • Through Kids Club, children and teens who are affected or infected by HIV/AIDS can gather each week to talk about their concerns or just have fun in a safe and supportive environment created by ASF. Recreational activities, crafts and day trips together provide children with opportunities many cannot afford because of the toll the disease takes on a family.

To learn more about ASF’s Family Programs, including Kids Club, contact us.

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