Who We Are

When a patient comes into Radiant Health Centers for testing and care, they can rest assured that they will be treated with dignity, respect and above all compassion. We help anyone in need of care, and we do not discriminate.

We are passionate about health equity, and believe everyone in our community deserves high quality healthcare.


Radiant Health Centers provides the LGBTQ+ community medical services that are compassionate and comprehensive while continuing to serve those living with and affected by HIV.


LGBTQ+ healthcare equity and the end of the HIV epidemic in Orange County.

Who We Help

We have provided more than three decades of exceptional care and support to people living with HIV, along with their loved ones and are expanding our services to ensure everyone in Orange County has access to stigma-free, compassionate care. We currently offer comprehensive social services and a growing number of medical services including medical case management for people with HIV or at risk for HIV as well as free hepatitis C testing, full mental health services and nutrition support and counseling. Radiant Health Centers also offers kids programs and support groups for family and loved ones and vital education and outreach services.

How We Help

If a client is HIV positive we assign them to a social worker who connects them with a continuum of care which includes medical needs, financial and housing assistance, mental health counseling, nutrition support, peer groups and transportation. We continue to expand our medical services to ensure more people from our community have timely, compassionate access to the health services they need.


A small group of volunteers founded the AIDS Services Foundation (ASF) Orange County in the late summer of 1985 because people were dying, had nowhere to turn and desperately needed help. Over the years, ASF went from helping people with AIDS die with dignity and compassion to supporting people living with HIV and their loved ones with comprehensive social services and access to medical resources as well as critical prevention and educational outreach services. It grew to become the largest and most comprehensive nonprofit HIV service provider in Orange County, with a staff of committed and caring individuals, a board of directors and advisory council of highly respected community leaders, and hundreds of dedicated volunteers and generous donors.

In December 2017, ASF responded once again to the evolving nature of HIV disease and announced that it had adopted a new name and new look with the same compassion and caring.

As Radiant Health Centers, we are in a better position to eliminate HIV and create a healthy Orange County for all. Medications are available today that can prevent the transmission of HIV from HIV positive people and also protect HIV negative people when taken daily. Radiant Health Centers will be expanding its services over time to create a stigma-free environment that can bridge the gap in medical services, reach at-risk populations in our LGBT community and cut the number of new HIV transmissions each week in Orange County from six to zero through greater health equity.

Today, Radiant Health Centers helps more than 1,400 men, women, children, and families in Orange County living with or affected by HIV disease. Our social services include food, transportation, housing, emergency financial assistance, kids and family programs, support groups and HIV education and prevention services. Our medical services include medical case management, benefits counseling, mental health counseling and nutritional programs with more on the way.

Our Strategic Plan

At the end of 2016, our board, with input from staff, clients, and other stakeholders, were engaged in the process of defining a new strategic vision for the agency. The composition of this new, three-year, comprehensive strategic plan for the agency is complete and we proudly present it to you here.

There are a lot of changes happening in the world of health care right now and Radiant Health Centers intends to remain a leader in HIV prevention and care in Orange County and end healthcare disparities that impact many members of our LGBT community putting them at great risk for HIV transmission.

Read the strategic plan here.