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Who could oppose the idea of ensuring patients are never discriminated against by hospitals because of their sexual orientations, their gender identities or their gender expressions? Sadly, the answer is federal policymakers. High-ranking officials in the executive branch are systematically tearing out even the humblest measures aimed at upholding the basic American values of fairness […]

If there was a call to action that came out of the most recent engagement of LGBTs in the News with Thom Senzee, America’s longest-touring LGBTQ panel series, it was delivered by Dr. Sean Cahill, director of health care policy research at The Fenway Institute, based in Boston. “If we’re not counted, we don’t count,” […]

While treatment for HIV and AIDS has come a long way, Daniel Garza shares his journey and the truth about living with the disease. From the time Daniel Garza was 5 years old, he knew he was attracted to boys. But coming from a Mexican Catholic background, facing the realization took years. When he was 3 […]