Our Team

Philip Yaeger | Executive Director & CEO 

Phil YaegerPhilip Yaeger, who became executive director and CEO of Radiant Health Centers in 2008, has a drive and passion for helping those living with HIV disease. Phil first joined Radiant Health Centers (formerly known as AIDS Services Foundation Orange County) as a volunteer in 1993 and immediately developed an appreciation for the stewardship of its resources and its strong commitment to the community.

Phil then became the organization’s first food pantry coordinator through a grant given by the Elizabeth Taylor Foundation, and later held a number of direct and support service roles—providing him with a 360-degree view of the scope and breadth of the organization’s critical work.

A highly respected authority on the subject of HIV and the importance of education, prevention, and the care of those infected with the disease, Phil is a dedicated and committed leader and an invaluable asset to Radiant Health Centers and the Orange County community.

Employees & Departments

Radiant Health Centers staff are highly committed, professional and caring individuals who have served the agency for a number of years.  Many staff members are bilingual and speak fluent Spanish.


Michael Brewer
Senior Administrative Assistant
949.809.5706 or mbrewer@radianthealthcenters.org

Lisa Osborn
Director of Human Resources
949.809.5724 or losborn@radianthealthcenters.org


Sandra Boodman, LCSW
Chief Program Officer


Medical Case Management

John Zarate
Social Work Case Manager
949.809.5787 or jzarate@radianthealthcenters.org

Ben Quan
HepC Patient Navigator
949.809.5776 or bquan@radianthealthcenters.org

Marie Misity
Lead Nurse Case Manager
949.809.5797 or mmisity@radianthealthcenters.org

Lupe Uribe
Nurse Case Manager
949.809.5728 or luribe@radianthealthcenters.org

Sharon Petrillo
Nurse Case Manager
949.809.5744 or spetrillo@radianthealthcenters.org

Barbara Campos
Nurse Case Manager
949.809.5733 or bcampos@radianthealthcenters.org

Non-Medical Case Management

Wendy Lords, MSW, PhD
Ryan White Services Manager
949.809.5732 or wlords@radianthealthcenters.org

Martha Gomez
Social Services Manager
949.809.5716 or mgomez@radianthealthcenters.org

Amanda Peraza
Social Services Case Manager Supervisor II
949.809.8767 or aperaza@radianthealthcenters.org

Brigett Tran
Linkage to Care Case Manager Rapid ART Liaison 
949.809.5774 or bgusman@radianthealthcenters.org

Pau Lagarde
Social Services Case Manager 
949.809.5719 or plagarde@radianthealthcenters.org

Stephanie Munoz
Service Coordinator  
949.809.5736 or smunoz@radianthealthcenters.org

Josie Lopez
Social Services Case Manager
949.809.5774 or jlopez@radianthealthcenters.org

Itamar Harari 
Program Quality Assurance and Improvement Administrator
949.809.5761 or iharari@radianthealthcenters.org

Andres Torres
Case Manager Assistant
949.809.5770 or atorres@radianthealthcenters.org

Rob Natsuhara
Benefits Counselor
949.809.5715 or rnatsuhara@radianthealthcenters.org

David Velazguez
Eligibility Screener
949.809.5736 or dvelazguez@radianthealthcenters.org


Susan Caumiant
Chief Development Officer
949.809.8760 or scaumiant@radianthealthcenters.org

Ana Martinez
Director of Events and Communication
949.809.5768 or amartinez@radianthealthcenters.org

Rodrigo Reyes
Development and Event Coordinator
949.809.8761 or rreyes@radianthealthcenters.org

Joe Alfano
Director of Individual Giving
949.809.5772 or jalfano@radianthealthcenters.org


Kathleen Nguyen
Family Programs Coordinator/LGBTQ+ Case Manager 
949.809.5710 or knguyen@radianthealthcenters.org



Daniel Seargeant
Chief Financial Officer
949.809.5753 or Dseargeant@radianthealthcenters.org

Try Nghia
Payroll & Accounts Receivable Supervisor
949.809.5759 or tnghia@radianthealthcenters.org

Nathaniel Nocum
Director of Finance
949.809.5762 or nnocum@radianthealthcenters.org

Salvador Fong
Staff Accountant
949.809.5757 or sfong@radianthealthcenters.org


Brandi Tatman
340B Project Manager
949.809.5723 or btatman@radianthealthcenters.org

Iris Garcia
340B Eligibility Coordinator
949.809.5764 or igarcia@radianthealthcenters.org

Samual Perez
Receptionist/ Operations Coordinator
949.809.5700 or sperez@radianthealthcenters.org


HIV Testing & Prevention – CDC Project (RADAR)

Mario Casas
Project Manager
714.868.5602 or jsaucedo@radianthealthcenters.org

Manny Muro
Prevention Navigator
714.868.5606 or mmuro@radianthealthcenters.org

Alejandro Mena
HIV Counseling & Testing Specialist
714-868-5605 or amena@radianthealthcenters.org


George Smith
Director of Housing & Benefits
949.809.5784 or gsmith@radianthealthcenters.org

Rosa Tavarez
Housing Case Manager
949.809.5781 or rtavarez@radianthealthcenters.org

Jonathan Brewer
Housing Plus Project Case Manager
949.809.5782 or jbrewer@radianthealthcenters.org


Food Pantry

Olivia Hazell
Registered Dietitian
949.809.5745 or obassett@radianthealthcenters.org

Brent Wellman
Food Pantry Coordinator
949.809.8769 or bwellman@radianthealthcenters.org

Volunteer Services

Tammy Nguyen
Lead – Support Services 
949.809.5771 or tnguyen@radianthealthcenters.org


Edward Zavala
Transportation Coordinator
949.809.5776 or ezavala@radianthealthcenters.org


Dr. Bonnie Bock
949.809.8764 or Bbock@radianthealthcenters.org

Dave Usman
Nurse Practitioner
949.809.8764 or Dusman@radianthealthcenters.org

Gabe Durnian
Medical Assistant
949.809.8764 or Gdurnian@radianthealthcenters.org

Hernan Santillana
Prevention Navigator
949.809.8764 or Hsantillana@radianthealthcenters.org

Matt Lopez
LVN Supervisor
949.809.8764 or Jlopez@radianthealtcenters.org

Ida Duron
Clinic Manager
949.809.8764 or Iduron@radianthealthcenters.org

Jonathan Ramirez
Clinic Support Services Supervisor
949.809.8764 or Jramirez@radianthealthcenters.org


Armida Acosta, Psy.D.
Director of Mental Health
949.809.5798 or aacosta@radianthealthcenters.org

Alexandra Concepcion, Psy.D.
Mental Health Counselor
949.809.5763 or aconcepcion@radianthealthcenters.org

Twyla Garcia-Bagg
Mental Health Counselor
949.809.5794 or tbagg@radianthealthcenters.org