AIDSWatch 2023 in Washington, D.C.

AIDSWatch – the largest, constituent-led HIV advocacy event in the United States – returned for its 30th anniversary on March 19–21, 2023. As the leading HIV testing and treatment provider in Orange County, Radiant Health Centers was proud to join the more than 350 HIV advocates from 37 states in attendance in Washington, D.C. Over three days, attendees met with 182 congressional offices, all steadfast in their determination to end the HIV epidemic in this country.

What Is AIDSWatch?

In the 30 years since it began, AIDSWatch has grown from a small group of HIV/AIDS advocates working to improve the lives of people living with HIV to a groundbreaking advocacy event making a widely-felt difference.

AIDSWatch advocates for policies that address various aspects of life for people living with HIV, including healthcare access, housing, mental health and substance use disorder services, supportive services, access to quality food, reproductive choices and employment. Along with events like World AIDS Day, the event provides an opportunity for collaboration across all communities and political lines by focusing on achieving shared goals.

AIDSWatch 2023 in Washington, D.C.

Radiant Health Centers at AIDSWatch 2023

A delegation from Radiant Health Centers visited Capitol Hill to engage with California representatives, including Max Ernst, Deputy Chief of Staff/Legislative Director for Rep. Katie Porter. As Orange County’s largest provider of HIV care, we have seen the impact of this global public health issue on individuals and communities.

Our staff members, clients and colleagues had productive discussions on the need for greater federal funding to tackle the wide-ranging issues associated with HIV. From early testing and treatment to counseling and stigma-free care, an increased commitment to government funding will play a vital role in our ability to deliver first-class services.

In addition to participating in AIDSWatch, Daniel Garza – a client of Radiant Health Centers – interviewed Joe Alfano and David Harrod on his podcast, Lilmesican Productions Inc. You can learn more about the event by watching here.

How Radiant Health Centers Is Contributing to Ending the HIV Epidemic

Throughout its long history, AIDSWatch has been committed to policy advocacy that will end the HIV epidemic. Crucial policies identified issues such as healthcare barriers, the need for secure medical coverage, aging with HIV, access to HIV-related medication and so on.

At Radiant Health Centers, these issues are at the heart of what we do each day. From providing easy access to HIV testing services to working with younger people through our youth programs, we offer a safe, welcoming environment for the Orange County community. And with continued advocacy and collaboration, backed by increased federal funding, we believe the HIV epidemic can be ended once and for all.

Professional HIV Treatment and Testing in Orange County

Radiant Health Centers provides fast, reliable HIV testing and treatment at our Irvine medical clinic. To access our services, including PrEP, PEP, Rapid ART and counseling, contact our team today. Call (949) 809-5700 or request an appointment now.