Nutrition services food insecurity fundraiser in Irvine, CA

To close out 2021, Radiant Health Centers asked the community in Orange County to donate generously to fight against food insecurity. The response was overwhelming – and a final tally shows donations have far exceeded expectations. With donations going to the Nutrition Services program at Radiant Health Centers, the most vulnerable people in the community will benefit enormously from this generous giving.

Fundraising to Fight Food Insecurity in Orange County

Thanks to a generous donor who matched the first $50,000 we exceeded the fundraising goal for our Nutrition Services program, raising more than $126k. Everyone at Radiant Health Centers would like to give a heartfelt thank you to the many people across Orange County and beyond who donated so generously. The support of each and every donor allows Radiant Health Centers to provide food to the most vulnerable people experiencing ongoing food insecurity.

While many are aware of the health issues facing people living with HIV, challenges like food insecurity – plus lack of access to social services and counseling – are less well-documented. With a shared vision of the end of the HIV epidemic and healthcare equity, Radiant Health Centers aims to tackle these challenges together, as a community.

Nutrition Services Are a Vital Part of Our Mission

People living with HIV can often struggle to maintain a healthy weight, potentially leading to further health concerns. The Nutrition Services program at Radiant Health Centers helps anyone who qualifies by providing a balanced diet, including vitamins, dietary supplements and high-quality meals. At Radiant Health Centers, our Registered Dietitian helps people understand the types of meals and ingredients that will contribute to their good health.

In addition, thanks to these fundraising efforts, some of the most vulnerable people in Orange County will now have access to medically tailored meals that provide the nutrition they need. Of course, meals cost – and it will be possible to reach more people with crucial nutrition because the community has helped us exceed this fundraising goal.

Donate to Our Food Pantry and Help the Orange County LGBTQ+ Community

Every donation to Radiant Health Centers is greatly appreciated – and goes directly into helping the people who need it most. This includes medical treatment, mental health support and counseling, healthy meals and medication. If you would like to support us as we serve the needs of local clients, you can donate to Radiant Health Centers here.

Radiant Health Centers provides support for the LGBTQ+ community and people living with HIV in Orange County. Our range of support and treatment services includes HIV testing and treatment, STI testing, social services and counseling. For more information on our services, call (949) 809-5700 or contact us now.

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