Irvine-based medical center report

Radiant Health Centers strives to deliver safe, compassionate and inclusive medical care to the Orange County LGBTQ+ community. Each year, we highlight our continued push to offer dependable healthcare by releasing our annual reports. The latest 2021–2022 report gives a clear insight into our progress as an organization and shares some of the hard work contributed by those who continue to give selflessly to the community.

Welcoming Our New Medical Director

One of the most exciting developments this year was the hiring of our new Medical Director, Dr. Duy Nguyen. As a physician with a passion for LGBTQ+ medical care, Dr. Nguyen will be a valuable asset in our continued treatment efforts for mental health issues, PrEP and hepatitis C services. Dr. Nguyen specializes in hormone replacement therapy, and his expertise will enable us to deliver the very best transgender care.

Launching the Youth and Mentorship Program

The launch of the Youth and Mentorship Program is another of our most important developments. This program assists people ages 13–26 as they move into adulthood – and face many under-appreciated challenges. We have previously discussed the fact that Orange County LGBTQ+ youth face mental health disparities. With this new program, participants can access mental health counseling, sexual health advice, mentorship and other guidance that will benefit their ongoing development.

Serving the LGBTQ+ Community of Orange County

Also highlighted in the report is the sizable impact of the work performed at Radiant Health Centers. In total we served 1,260 patients through the medical clinic, and 2,980 individuals accessed support services. In addition, 6,649 people were reached as part of our education and outreach work. With these numbers rising from the previous year, our Radiant Health Centers team, our supporters, donors and the wider community have risen to the challenge of delivering first-class care to the most vulnerable patients.

Spreading Awareness With LGBTQ+ Events

As always, the Orange County LGBTQ+ community joined together to raise awareness and celebrate the work of people fighting to end the HIV epidemic. Two notable events in the calendar were AIDS Walk Orange County and World AIDS Day Reception.

Supported by Our Generous Sponsors

Of course, the important work carried out at our LGBTQ+ medical clinic, our innovative youth programs – and our many celebratory events – would not be possible without the support of our donors and funders. This year’s list of supporters is extensive, and the annual report shines a light on the organizations and individuals contributing to bettering the lives of LGBTQ+ people in Orange County.

Read the Latest Annual Report From Radiant Health Centers

For a comprehensive look at the statistics and updates from Radiant Health Centers, download the annual report here. We continue to provide LGBTQ+ people in Orange County with the best in primary care, testing services and HIV treatments at our medical center. For general inquiries call (949) 809-5700 or request an appointment now.